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Baltic Board Game Society / How to become a member
« on: 23.04.2015, 13:42 »
At the moment we are still determining the official member acceptance guidelines, but we allways welcome enthusiastic board game enthusiasts who would like to spend their time and effort to promote the board game hobby.
If You are interested please write here or contact us here:

No 19:00 līdz 22:00 Cēsu centrālajā bibliotēkā Baltijas Galda Spēļu Biedrība piedāvās iespēju apgūt interesējošās galda spēles.
Vairāk informācijas šeit:

Forum / Moderators
« on: 22.04.2015, 14:56 »
We need forum moderators, so please sign up here.

There are three choices:
* Moderator for specific boards (Please list them)
* Global moderator (More powerful, more work)
* Administartor (Super powerful, should probably be limited to people who really know what they are doing and can dedicate most time if required)

Forum / Forum structure
« on: 22.04.2015, 14:54 »
I have set up a generic structure for the forum as I saw it.

In this thread please comment on Your ideas about the forum structure (how and why).

The main ideas behind my suggested structure:

- Two parts - public and member-only. Public will have all kinds of non-member users, who discuss board game hobby in general and want to discuss something with members:
* Public:
** Event announcements (including sub-boards for local count events in local language)
** Discussion of board games
** [Other topics I have not yet though about]
** Off topic

* Member only
** Events (form our organizational perspective, including subboards for local events in local language)
** Mission and organization of BBGS - here we discuss what we are and how we work
** Legal issues (Actual legal form of BBGS and everyday stuff like tax reports etc)
** Awards (stuff board game publishers can print on their boxes if we have tested, approved or rated the game somehow, also if we organize a prize with outside independent experts)
** [Other topics I have not thought about]
** Meber only offtopic

Please comment and participate so we can get the best forum strucre we want

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